What Is the Miami Beach Commission and Mayor Hiding?

On May 15th Miami Beach United, the citizens organization focused on the future and threats to Miami Beach demanded that the Mayor and Commission of Miami Beach act to protect Miami Beach from the traffic, lifestyle, and health and safety threats of the Flagstone Watson Island Gardens Project with this Resolution.

The response of our elected officials

What are the Mayor and Commissioner hiding? Why won’t they fight to protect the residents of Miami Beach?

Here are excepts from the head of MBU to the Mayor and Commissioner:

“MBU is attaching our resolution asking you to help protect Miami Beach by simply requesting consultations with Miami on the steps necessary to both mitigate the negative impact of that development on Miami Beach, such as increased MacArthur Causeway traffic, and to discuss costs of doing so.

“This letter does not require the City of Miami Beach to take a position one way or the other on the desirability of the development or Miami’s plans. But it would not be responsible to ignore the impacts of the project, and possible future increases in its size, and simply accept the impacts clearly spelled out in both the 2015 and 2016 studies authorized and paid for by Miami Beach.

Why do the Mayor and CommissionerS refuse to speak out? What are they hiding?

On April 17, 2017 the Coalition sent a letter to the Commissioners and Mayor of the City of Miami Beach alerting them to a warning from the Florida Department of Transportation that the City of Miami had failed to require a proper traffic study of the Watson Island Flagstone project.  FDOT noted that a proper study must include the full impact of the project on all of McArthur Boulevard including intersections in Miami Beach. You can view our Letter to the Mayor and Commissioners here.


Back in September, 2016, Jimmy Morales sent the Mayor and Commissioners a memo concluding that the Watson Island project would not have a significant impact on Miami Beach.  We believe his conclusion was incorrect and that the had mis-read the two traffic studies committed by the Miami Beach back in January of 2015 which cost the taxpayers $200,000 +.

We issued a 17 page Report challenging the City Manager's conclusion.  You can view it here. And you'll find all our supporting documents behind the CACC Analysis below.



Documents supporting the analysis in the Report can be found at: