Board of Directors

Ed Pascoe  
Miami Beach, Florida, President

Loren Shapiro
Miami Beach, Florida, Secretary-Treasurer

Roger Craver
Venice, Florida



Samuel J. Dubbin
PA, Coral Gables, Florida


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The Coalition Against Causeway Chaos aims to inform, alert and mobilize concerned citizens to demand openness and accountability in the processes by which our government makes development and planning decisions affecting our community.

Currently CACC’s primary focus is the City of Miami's history of decisions and pending issues regarding Watson Island. It does so in the belief that monitoring the City’s behavior serves the entire community. 

Over the 16 years since this project first surfaced officials in the City of Miami have improperly and illegally allowed changes to a private developer's project on Watson Island that was originally approved by a voter referendum.  These changes are major and have been made without reopening the process for public discussion or another referendum.

The City of Miami and the developer seem intent on bankrupting the citizen litigants challenging the project.  They have arrayed an army of expensive lawyers against those challenging their illegal acts.

The Coalition is devoting  part of our efforts to raising the funds necessary to make sure the citizen’s voice is heard and the facts of the secret, backroom deals are exposed to judicial scrutiny.

We hope you will help.