$131 Million LOSS to Taxpayers...


$131 Million LOSS to Taxpayers...

Enough is enough

$131,000,000. One hundred thirty-one million dollars!

That’s the amount of money Miami city officials have allowed to be lost or foregone in fees and taxes by tolerating more than a decade of delay, ignoring the City Charter requirement that a private developer pay fair market rent for the lease of public land, and  turning a blind eye on other illegal activity. more..

Euphemistically named "Island Gardens" by its private developer this monstrosity should realistically be named "The Watson Island Strangler" It looks beautiful on paper. But, this twin-towered 50 and 35 story hotel complex with 605 rooms and over 350,000 sf of shopping mall activity, and a base alone the size of the American Airlines Area, will dwarf everything around, and block the sight lines of everyone on the Bay from South Beach to downtown Miami.


  • ·AGAIN and AGAIN…in violation of the City Charter, Some City officials are attempting to put one over on the Commission and Miami voters.

If the City staff rubber stamps the developer's bogus analysis to justify expansion of the project and fails to apply city and state law as written, the resulting traffic, environmental, financial, and legal consequences will be catastrophic. That is why we insist the Commission review the issues now and conduct a full public hearing on the the city staff's actions involving this project.

So far the Commissioners have failed to respond to our letters or act. To see first-hand the significant issues and violations our Commissioners are ignoring--and the letters we have sent to put them on notice go here .


·“New Math” Surfaces on Flagstone Project.  The  Miami Planning & Zoning Department is attempting to qualify the latest proposed change by the developer as a “non-substantial” modification.

They want to increase the size of the mega-mall on Watson Island from a footprint of 273,605 square feet upward to 403,893 square feet.  That’s an increase of more than 130,000 square feet.  We don’t know about you, but a 48% increase in size doesn’t strike us a “non-substantial”.

See our Detailed Points on this latest modification.

· Major New Issue Now Faces City. 

Beyond the host of violations we’ve already flagged there’s a new issue that should worry Miami’s Commissioners.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) requires that an extremely detailed and up-to-date traffic study be conducted for the modification proposed by Flagstone.

To date FDOT has rejected the City’s proposal to rely on a 2004 traffic study and rejected the City’s plan to limit any new study to the narrow area of the intersection of the Watson Island entrance and exit with MacArthur Causeway as Flagstone has done in the past.

  FDOT has officially insisted that the City also measure the impact of the project on several intersections along the MacArthur Causeway and on Miami Beach.

FDOT notes: “More than a decade has passed since their traffic study, and traffic volumes and the roadway network have changed”, and the project “has been dormant for so long.”

Can’t wait to see what “workaround” the City Planning folks icome up with.  And whether the Commissioners will remain silent or will they really get serious about traffic.

17 Reasons the Watson Island Strangler Must Be Stopped.

As if it isn't enough that the City breaks laws and leans over backwards to help a private developer on public land, but by doing so the Commissioners and City Officials are directly causing a whole lot of other problems for the residents, businesses and visitor to Miami, Miami Beach and the rest of the County.

The increase in traffic created by the proposed  project on Waston Island poses risks to health, safety and quality of life for Miami Beach and Miami residents and threatens the entire economy of Miami-Dade County.

  • ·        MacArthur Causeway is a direct route for most emergencies going from Miami Beach to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Gridlock endangers residents and visitors with individual or collective crises, such emergency responses for fire, police and ambulances who can’t get to an accident, or evacuations. And even Coast Guard responses.
  • ·        Decline in property values on Islands off MacArthur Causeway, Alton Road, South of Fifth, West Avenue and Venetian Way. It has been informally estimated that values could be negatively affected by between 3 and 10%. more..



How You Can Help

How You Can Help

BE informed


Here’s How You Can Help.  Each of us must do our part:

  • Sign up to receive alerts and updates by clicking here
  • Get informed about how this project will affect your quality of life as a resident, your business, the economy of Miami-Dade. It’s all here on CACC.
  • Get informed about how the City of Miami has broken State and local laws to ensure that a private developer is getting special treatment, including subsidies and other benefits to make a profit from public land designed for public use. It’s all here on CACC. 
  • Get informed about how the City violated the State’s public records statutes to prevent the public from learning what was really going on with this development, and how citizens were required to bring lawsuits against the City to obtain crucial records revealing back-room machinations which disregared the law, City agreements, and the impact of the Project on the public. 
  • Stay informed of progress and developments by checking the website’s home page from time to time. 



Share the News About Watson Island:

Speak with your friends, neighbors, family members, and business associates – especially those who live and work in Downtown Miami or Miami Beach – about the City of Miami’s actions to permit this project despite its legal flaws and despite its potential to cause massive harm to businesses and residents for whom the traffic on MacArthur Causeway, Venetian Causeway, Biscayne Blvd, and Alton Road has become a real threat to their economic lifeblood and quality of residential life.   

Spread the word.  Please forward a link to this site to your friends, neighbors and colleagues--especially those who live and work in Downtown Miami or Miami Beach.  Alert them to  the City of Miami’s actions to permit this project despite the illegal actions behind it and despite its potential to cause massive harm to businesses and residents.  A real threat to their economic lifeblood and quality of residential life.

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Please do your part …

Join with friends and neighbors to help stop the Watson Island Flagstone project by supporting legal action and citizen mobilization . 

The City of Miami and the developer seem intent on bankrupting the citizen litigants challenging the project.  They have arrayed an army of expensive lawyers against those challenging their illegal acts.

We are devoting a major part of our efforts to raising the funds necessary to make sure the citizen’s voice is heard and the facts of the secret, backroom deals are exposed to judicial scrutiny.

Please help today.  Just click the "Donate" button below to make a secure online donation with your credit card.  

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